Vinyl Brokering

Vinyl Brokering

We are pleased to announce a new branch of operations under the Fallen Empire banner: a vinyl brokering service. We will cater EXCLUSIVELY to underground metal labels and bands, as well as related genres such as noise, punk and power electronics.

All records will be manufactured at Cascade Record Pressing in Milwaukie, OR. Cascade has made a point to work primarily with independent and local labels / artists, choosing to fill their presses with a variety of small to midsize projects instead of the larger projects that are clogging presses all over the world. They also do not take on Record Store Day projects. We have a strong in-person relationship with Cascade, so your needs will be well taken care of.

If you are a label or band in the USA looking to improve your vinyl pressing situation, or you know someone who is, send an e-mail to FALLEN.EMPIRE13@GMAIL.COM for more information.

Average turn time is currently 12 weeks, with special consideration being paid to reasonable deadline requests. We are only able to accommodate 12" projects for now. Most projects should end up costing less than going through Cascade directly, and most other pressing plants, directly.

Again, send an e-mail to FALLEN.EMPIRE13@GMAIL.COM for a quote or information.